Delivering informatics capabilities to an AHC research community through public/private partnerships (PPP).

TitleDelivering informatics capabilities to an AHC research community through public/private partnerships (PPP).
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSmith, Kevin A., Athey Brian D., Chahal Amar P. S., and Sahai Priti
JournalAMIA Annu Symp Proc
Date Published2008
KeywordsBiomedical Research, Databases, Factual, Government Agencies, Interinstitutional Relations, Medical Informatics, Michigan, Models, Organizational, Private Sector

Velos eResearch is a commercially-developed, regulatory-compliant, web-based clinical research information system from Velos Inc. Aithent Inc. is a software development services company. The University of Michigan (UM) has public/private partnerships with Velos and Aithent to collaborate on development of additional capabilities, modules, and new products to better support the needs of clinical and translational research communities. These partnerships provide UM with a mechanism for obtaining high-quality functionally comprehensive capabilities more quickly and at lower cost, while the corporate partners get a quality advisory and development partner--this benefits all parties. The UM chose to partner with Velos in part because of its commitment to interoperability. Velos is an active participant in the NCI caBIG project and is committed to caBIG compatibility. Velos already provides interoperability with other Velos sites in the CTSA context. One example of the partnership is co-development of integrated specimen management capabilities. UM spent more than a year defining business requirements and technical specifications for, and is funding development of, this capability. UM also facilitates an autonomous user community (20+ institutions, 7 CTSA awardees); the broad goal of the group is to share experiences, expertise, identify collaborative opportunities, and support one another as well as provide a source of future needs identification to Velos. Advantages and risks related to delivering informatics capabilities to an AHC research community through a public/private partnership will be presented. The UM, Velos and Aithent will discuss frameworks, agreements and other factors that have contributed to a successful partnership.

Alternate JournalAMIA Annu Symp Proc
PubMed ID18999086