The epigenome, 4D nucleome and next-generation neuropsychiatric pharmacogenomics.

TitleThe epigenome, 4D nucleome and next-generation neuropsychiatric pharmacogenomics.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsHiggins, Gerald A., Allyn-Feuer Ari, Handelman Samuel, Sadee Wolfgang, and Athey Brian D.
Date Published2015
KeywordsEpigenesis, Genetic, Epigenomics, Genome, Human, Humans, Mental Disorders, Pharmacogenetics, Psychotropic Drugs

The 4D nucleome has the potential to render challenges in neuropsychiatric pharmacogenomics more tractable. The epigenome roadmap consortium has demonstrated the critical role that noncoding regions of the human genome play in determination of human phenotype. Chromosome conformation capture methods have revealed the 4D organization of the nucleus, bringing interactions between distant regulatory elements into close spatial proximity in a periodic manner. These functional interactions have the potential to elucidate mechanisms of CNS drug response and side effects that previously have been unrecognized. This perspective assesses recent advances likely to reveal novel pharmacodynamic regulatory pathways in human brain, charting a future new avenue of pharmacogenomics research, using the spatial and temporal architecture of the human epigenome as its foundation.

Alternate JournalPharmacogenomics
PubMed ID26338265
Grant ListT32 GM0704490552 / GM / NIGMS NIH HHS / United States