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Needs for an expanded ontology-based classification of adverse drug reactions and related mechanisms., Zhichkin, P E., Athey B D., Avigan M I., and Abernethy D R. , Clin Pharmacol Ther, 2012 Jun, Volume 91, Issue 6, p.963-5, (2012)
Cross-domain neurobiology data integration and exploration., Xuan, Weijian, Dai Manhong, Buckner Josh, Mirel Barbara, Song Jean, Athey Brian, Watson Stanley J., and Meng Fan , BMC Genomics, 2010, Volume 11 Suppl 3, p.S6, (2010)
Metscape: a Cytoscape plug-in for visualizing and interpreting metabolomic data in the context of human metabolic networks., Gao, Jing, V Tarcea Glenn, Karnovsky Alla, Mirel Barbara R., Weymouth Terry E., Beecher Christopher W., Cavalcoli James D., Athey Brian D., Omenn Gilbert S., Burant Charles F., et al. , Bioinformatics, 2010 Apr 1, Volume 26, Issue 7, p.971-3, (2010)
MiSearch adaptive pubMed search tool., States, David J., Ade Alex S., Wright Zachary C., Bookvich Aaron V., and Athey Brian D. , Bioinformatics, 2009 Apr 1, Volume 25, Issue 7, p.974-6, (2009)
Open Biomedical Ontology-based Medline exploration., Xuan, Weijian, Dai Manhong, Mirel Barbara, Song Jean, Athey Brian, Watson Stanley J., and Meng Fan , BMC Bioinformatics, 2009, Volume 10 Suppl 5, p.S6, (2009)
A bioinformatics analysis of the cell line nomenclature., Sarntivijai, Sirarat, Ade Alexander S., Athey Brian D., and States David J. , Bioinformatics, 2008 Dec 1, Volume 24, Issue 23, p.2760-6, (2008)
Delivering informatics capabilities to an AHC research community through public/private partnerships (PPP)., Smith, Kevin A., Athey Brian D., Chahal Amar P. S., and Sahai Priti , AMIA Annu Symp Proc, 2008, p.1216-7, (2008)
iTools: a framework for classification, categorization and integration of computational biology resources., Dinov, Ivo D., Rubin Daniel, Lorensen William, Dugan Jonathan, Ma Jeff, Murphy Shawn, Kirschner Beth, Bug William, Sherman Michael, Floratos Aris, et al. , PLoS One, 2008, Volume 3, Issue 5, p.e2265, (2008)